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The Ageless Beauties VIP Monthly Membership
Endless healthy recipes, video trainings, yoga classes & meditations all organized for you in a
private membership area!  Plus a supportive community & on-going free live classes!
Everything that you need to stay on track with your health goals, all in one place. 
Be the most healthy, energetic and inspired woman that you know!
  •  Ongoing new recipes and cooking demos
  •   All the secrets to help you reduce belly fat
  •  Live workshops to answer all your questions
  •  Cutting edge tips to turn back the clock on aging
  •  A committed community of woman to support you
  •  Dozens of exclusive Inner Beauty trainings for free
  • Natural Skin care tutorials, techniques and recipes 
  •  Monthly live yoga classes and video trainings
  •  Secrets to staying on track and living your purpose
  •  Effortlessly Attractive in 21 Days video training
  •  Meditations and self care rituals
  •  Plus discounts on all Paradise coaching & products
Are you ready to feel light, motivated and supported?
Don't let the excuses hold you back from the clarity, confidence and body that you crave!
No obligations, cancel your membership any time.
Kate in Paradise, 2017